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We provide one-on-one nutrition counseling services to ensure personalized treatment and guidance for each individual client

Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

With the help of a board-certified specialist in sports dietetics (CSSD), athletes will gain the knowledge of how diet impacts performance and training adaptations. Not only is every athlete different, but the skills needed and the demands required of one’s body vary by sport and position played. The energy systems used during competition will depend on the task or tasks being performed. We tailor nutrition recommendations to the energy system being used, as each requires different substrates before, during and after workouts. Similarly, nutrition periodization is used to match and keep up with the changes in training cycles. Our sports nutritionists work within your individualized needs, training schedules and performance goals while also taking into account your lifestyle and preferences. If you are competing at the collegiate, professional or olympic level, or consider yourself a weekend warrior, having a sound nutrition plan in place will give you and your team the competitive edge it needs to come out on top.


Sports Nutrition

Sports Performance

  • Sports-specific and goal-oriented nutrition plans

  • Nutrition periodization and determining changes in energy needs for the pre-season, in-season and off-season

  • Individualized hydration plans specific to fluid and electrolyte needs, calculated sweat rate and acclimating to changes in training environment/climate

  • Structured intake to promote glycogen storage for maximum speed and power, while ensuring the brain has enough to maintain focus and concentration

  • Recovery nutrition to decrease recovery time in between events, tournaments, multiple events same day

Sports Nutrition

Specialized Athlete Populations

  • Adolescent and teen athletes

  • Professional and Olympic athletes

  • College athletes and teams

  • Athletes with eating disorders

  • Athletes with disabilities

  • Athletes who are pregnant and postpartum

  • Athletes with diabetes

  • Athletes with gastrointestinal concerns, digestive issues or food allergies

  • Athletes with injuries or recovering from surgery

  • First responders, fire fighters & EMS

  • U.S. Armed Forces and law enforcement personnel

Sports Nutrition

Team Nutrition Clinics & Consulting

  • Team workshops and clinics designed to provide athletes with the education and tools needed to implement sports-specific fueling plans for the pre-season, in-season and off-season

  • Strategic planning for teams or individuals who travel for training and competition

  • On-site nutrition consulting services for athletes during training camps specific to boxing and mixed martial arts

  • Providing education to and working collaboratively with athletic directors, coaches and sports medicine team members

Eating Disorder

Eating Disorder Therapy

Whether you have a clinical eating disorder or are battling with an unhealthy relationship with food and body, we are here to help. Our dietitians are board-certified eating disorder specialists with extensive clinical training and experience with the treatment of eating disorder patients. There is no such thing as “looking like” or “not looking like” you have an eating disorder. The suffering one endures cannot be determined or quantified by the size or shape of their body. Weight stigma is real and dieting is dangerous. Eating disorders do not discriminate and are more prevalent than reported in marginalized populations, who are historically overlooked by healthcare providers. The complexity of intersectionality, implicit bias, trauma and microaggressions is undeniable. Even more so when we examine the inequities that exist in provider/patient treatment and access to healthcare. Finding your voice can be scary, especially if that means going against what society tells us is “healthy.” Through ongoing nutrition counseling and working collaboratively with a treatment team, we are here to support you on your journey to healing and making peace with food. All bodies deserve to be respected, food is neither good nor bad and health does come at every size.


Eating Disorder Therapy

Outpatient Treatment Services

Effective communication between the patient and treatment team is critical when starting treatment so that the patient can be treated as a person rather than a diagnosis. From there a treatment plan is formulated, which includes a nutrition intervention component.

  • Nutrition assessment and treatment planning using a collaborative care model

  • Determining the appropriate level of care and coordinating/collaborating with other treatment team members

  • Nutrition counseling and education aimed at long-term behavior change

  • Working with and providing education to family members and caretakers to enhance patient support systems

  • Individual and group meal support with a Registered Dietitian

  • Developing a healthy relationship with food, body and exercise

  • Intuitive eating approaches including hunger work, gentle nutrition and body respect

Eating Disorder Therapy

Treatment Modalities

Healing disconnected eating and the maladaptive thoughts that drive us to diet is an integral part of treatment. Patients will re-learn the connection between physical hunger and the drive to eat rather than emotional or situational cues. Through body image work, patients will restructure negative thoughts and feelings in order to pave the way towards body acceptance.

  • Nutrition counseling that integrates psycho-education, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy

  • Embodiment healing and practices

  • Trauma-informed care

  • Culturally Competent Care Framework

Eating Disorder Therapy

Populations We Treat

Healing from an eating disorder is a process that takes time and perseverance. On the road to recovery, patients will learn how to re-establish their relationship with food with the support and help of an RD. Through making lifestyle changes and learning coping mechanisms for past, present and future obstacles, patients will be able to find peace with themselves.

  • Clinical eating disorders

  • Athletes with eating disorders

  • Pediatric feeding disorders and failure to thrive

  • Patients who are pregnant and postpartum

  • Male, Female, Non-Binary & Trans

  • Patients with neurodiversity

  • Patients with disabilities

  • Non-clinical eating disorders: for those who are fed up with diet culture and weight stigma, and would like to try a different approach where food can just be food

  • Patients who have co-occurring conditions such as food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, delayed gastric emptying, Chrons, Colitis, SIBO, diabetes and cardiovascular disease

  • Patients with co-occuring mental health conditions

Peer Consultation

Peer Consultation

Whether you are new to the field of nutrition, just starting a private practice or are a seasoned RD, we can help guide you with the more complex cases. In fact, therapists, doctors, nurses or any other health care professionals not trained in clinical nutrition can benefit from peer consultation from someone who specializes in the field.

Casual Meeting

Peer Consultation & Supervision

Case Supervision

  • Peer-led case supervision: we offer individual and small-group case consultation and ongoing supervision

  • Areas of expertise include sports nutrition, eating disorders and populations that experience more intersectionality

  • Culturally Comprehensive training designed for group practices and individual clinicians counseling training to provide a safe space for and foster a therapeutic relationship when working with diverse populations

Peer Consultation & Supervision

iAEDP Approved Consultation

  • Dietitians who would like to obtain the credential of iaedp Board Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS) are required to have 2500 hours under an iaedp approved consultant

  • Candidates must receive a minimum of 24 hours case consultation with an iaedp approved supervisor within their scope of practice

Peer Consultation & Supervision

Professional Speaking

  • Contact us if you would like to book a speaking engagement at your workplace, school or private practice

  • Contact us for more information on upcoming continuing education courses being offered

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