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Live Healthy.
Fuel Well.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists Specializing in Sports Performance Nutrition and Eating Disorder Treatment

The Nutrition In Motion Philosophy

The Registered Dietitians at Nutrition In Motion, P.C. share a philosophy of using food to heal, nourish and strengthen the body. We honor the diversity of our patients and work within the unique needs of each one. We respect your lived experience and how that has shaped the world around you. All of our dietitians are credentialed, board certified and have specialized training in and possess a unique skill set specific to sports nutrition and eating disorders. We work collaboratively with every patient and treat them as an individual rather than a diagnosis. The treatment modalities we use to promote long-term behavior change include a combination of nutrition counseling and education, intertwined with cognitive and behavioral therapies. We meet every patient where they are, with the understanding that change can be hard. All foods can have a place as part of a healthy lifestyle, and we are here to help you make them fit.

Core Values







Our Registered Dietitians


Sports Nutrition Services

Personalized sports nutrition guidance designed to elevate your performance

Eating Disorder Therapy

Heal your relationship with food

Peer Consultation

A space for professionals to gain new insights, improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills

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